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I have a high sensitivity of the Chat Now! Family Issues, Lenormand CinnamonSheridan An intuitive Tarot reader with crawling clairaudience and claircognizance You'll never have to worry about jealousy. You'll adore Aquarius's originality, creative spark, and brilliant mind that never stops whirling.

Worst Matches

Your two eclectic personalities are like magnets that attract friends from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Change is your mainstay, and Aquarius loves the unexpected almost as much as you do. Sexually, the two of you generate a lot of sparks and curiosity. Bedroom boredom won't happen, especially if you keep it as fun and games. Yours is a match made in astrological heaven.

Aquarius Horoscope: Zodiac Dates, Personality, Career, Love Match

Aquarius isn't about changing you, just helping you reach your potential. After all, you're partnered with one of the most altruistic signs of the zodiac.

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So take the loving nudge, and spread your wings in a new direction, knowing that Aquarius will be your biggest supporter. Libras are the more sensual of the three air signs. If you've fallen head over heels for an Aquarian, you have a lot in your erotic bedroom arsenal to leave your new lover panting.

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You make a perfect social partner with your own brand of charisma that attracts friends of both sexes. Like you, Aquarius is well-versed in the finer side of life and shares your appreciation for beauty.

Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius

You may need to teach your water bearer how to enjoy a more sensual side of life, but that will be great fun for both of you. Aquarius will admire your ability to see both sides, like Gemini, and how you easily size up situations. Taurus wants to own lots of nice material things, while Aquarius is more inclined to seek intellectual property.

Taurus likes to get down and dirty in the sack, while Aquarius prefers to stay a bit aloof during the act. The uncatchable Aquarius sets off jealousy for the Bull, especially if they're just one of the many. Aquarius is one beat removed, even from intimates, and this creates an intolerable gap for the possessive Taurus. If love has them in its clutches, these differences can drive them to dark extremes. Both signs are stubborn and may quickly find a trivial matter to turn each other into adversaries.

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Compromise is not in either one's vocabulary, which is a big problem for keeping the peace. Despite the challenges, these fixed signs fixate on each other, and they have the potential for long-term harmony. Taurus is good with practical matters, and this is good for Aquarius, who struggles with earthly matters.

Taurus may find Aquarius too idea-oriented and might be unnerved by the off-the-wall thought patterns of the Waterbearer.

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Taurus loves tradition, while Aquarius turns away from the status quo, opting for the innovations of the future. Aquarius resists merging and can live in the mind, while Taurus renews itself through physical intimacy and sensual pleasures. On the upside, Taurus can manage the day-to-day while Aquarius comes up with the big-picture plan.