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It is Alberta in a Bottle. Our aim is to be a leader in the craft industry and foster partnerships with other local businesses while producing the highest quality spirits possible for our customers. The only arcade in Canada to use cutting edge technology for wireless VR, which means no cords holding you back or tangling you up. Our massive library of over 60 hand-picked games showcase the best that VR has to offer, and we know every one of them inside and out so we can guide you on our journey in VR. McMillan is a leading business law firm serving public, private and not-for-profit clients across key industries in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Buy Bitcoin online from trusted professionals, sent directly to your own Bitcoin wallet. Coins purchased and sold exclusively to Canadians. For more than years, the Trade Commissioner Service TCS has been helping companies navigate international markets. Canadian trade commissioners are located in more than cities worldwide, and can provide you with key business insights and access to an unbeatable network of international contacts. Our world class accredited programs offer you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

ACAMP is a unique industry-led product development centre that advanced technology entrepreneurs count on to move their innovation from proof-of-concept to manufactured product by providing access to multidisciplinary engineers, technology experts, unique specialized equipment, and industry acumen. The only UAS solution provider with extensive experience in drone work at airports and aerodromes in North America. We offer services that are crucial to improving airport operations. Technology needs to be more efficient, cost effective, easy to use and bring value to the people using it.

We have recognized that the advent of blockchain offers one of the greatest opportunities for direct participatio we have recognized that the advent of blockchain offers one of the greatest opportunities for direct participation into a developing technology that could revolutionize the global economyn into a developing technology that could revolutionize the global economy. Fun presentation about blockchain! Join this fun audience participation of a blockchain explanation. The only issue is who will win the bottle of rum from the presentation? A significant percentage of this capital has gone to finance poorly thought out ideas and obvious scams.

The face remains, blockchain technology is changing the way we look at public financing around the world. The work was conducted, and culminated in the development of the Alberta AI Business Plan, which was presented to the Government and many other stakeholders in the community. The internet of things is defined as the network of devices such as vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.

We look at hot button topics such as IoT growing up and reasonable security measures for networking and cloud computing. Mike will provide an overview of the work ATB Financial has done to-date through various proof-of-concepts around blockchain-enabled self-sovereign identity SSI , and their current efforts around developing an ecosystem within Alberta Canada around SSI, and more specifically around trusted credentials.

Every industry is on the verge of significant transformation as the value chains undergo disruptions triggered by market changes as well as technology innovation. Industry 4. Leveraging emerging technologies such as RPA, AI, Blockchain and IoT in a hyper-convergent way can enable the Intelligent Enterprise and unleash true business value across the organization and customer value chain. This session will provide a perspective on the transformation across different industries — From Manufacturing to Retail to Transportation and Utilities.

How would you know if your organization is ready to embark on an AI Fueled journey? Over the past decade, Deloitte has been working with some of the largest and most complex organisations across the world and across most industries to help them confidently answer this question. To address this question in a holistic, measurable and actionable way, Deloitte developed an AI Maturity Model and assessment framework that we will describe during this session.

In this talk, Phillip will explore a number of helpful innovation frameworks, while exploring real world case studies, spanning many stages of product maturity. No lunch is provided. There is a break in presentations but the Tech Walk exhibitor floor remains open. Saifedean traces the history of the technologies that perform the functions of money, starting from primitive systems, metals, coins, the gold standard and public debt, ending up introducing Bitcoin.

Developing world abounds with cautionary tales of currency manipulation and government financial intervention gone awry. This panel will discuss why the properties of censorship resistance and fungibility are so important to bitcoin and how they are helping people around the world to secure their financial futures in the face of potential economic collapse. Emerging cognitive technologies have the potential to significantly disrupt the way we work and interact.

Our speaker will present tangible examples of what work might look like in the finance function of the future. The massive run-up in bitcoin prices and concurrent bubble of ICO financing of brought tremendous enthusiasm along with a significant influx of capital to the blockchain space. Now a new class of tokens called STOs are emerging backed by real obligations like traditional securities.

Financial Institutions across the world are well on their way to adopting Artificial Intelligence AI. AI has big implications for these institutions that want to exploit the opportunities presented by enormous amounts of data pulsing through consumers, markets, businesses, and more. In this session, learn how banks and insurance companies can think of AI as a competitive differentiator and embed AI as a strategic accelerator towards achieving their business objectives. When applied purposefully, AI has the potential to transform all aspects of business operations to help maximize enterprise value in terms of revenue growth, operating margin, asset efficiency, and risk mitigation.

Through case studies, learn about the ways leading Financial Institutions are effectively working unlock value from data, technology, talent and ecosystem partnerships through the use of AI. Your mind is your most valuable asset — so how do you insure it is always working FOR you instead of against you. Self-doubt, procrastination, avoidance, sabotage, and the exhaustion that comes from the sheer number of demands on you. How do you sort through the never-ending bombardment of information, priorities, and tasks demanding your attention? A common criticism of the bitcoin network is that it uses too much power.

Some estimates claimed that the network used more power than entire countries. Although more recent and detailed analysis has proved that the total usage is actually much lower, the question remains. Why are we using all this power? Is it worth it? Learn about Alberta companies that are leveraging both the Federal and Provincial trade commission and how that has had a dramatic impact of their business. Get first-hand accounts on how this leverage has given them opportunities to not only expand into new markets but into different technology sectors as well.

Businesses are looking for autonomy, anonymity, and self governance. This talk explores why your very identity is now no longer your own, and how you can take it back. In addition, she will highlight what BDC is doing to support all entrepreneurs on their journey to introduce technology and digitize their traditional businesses. Come and vote for for your favourite pitch! Only half the score will come from the judges so be sure to download the conference app and make sure to vote for your favourite competitor.

Artificial intelligence AI is expected to be one of the leading economic drivers of our time, and Canada has the opportunity to be a global leader. True leadership is required—that means taking steps now to establish a world-class AI ecosystem in Canada. Following direction from the Senate, Canadian regulators have taken a cautious approach to regulating digital currency markets as they are mindful that over-regulation of this growing and promising industry could necessarily stifle innovation.

Nonetheless, regulations will be coming soon and this panel discusses the implications. In times of turmoil technological innovation is a strategic way business can find and keep a competitive edge. What must you consider when making new technology investments? What systems and processes need to be changed when adopting a new technology? How will you know if the change is working and worth it?

How will this new technology impact your business culture? What will your customers think? What will your people think? How will they manage all those changes? These are some of the questions the Culture Panel will address. The evolution of blockchain from cryptocurrencies into broader applications and enterprise implementations is underway. The role of blockchain in the digitization transformation has relevance to industry, academia, government and the public at large, which this talk will explore. Blockchain holds the promise of potential cost savings, new operational efficiencies, and improved transparency and accuracy — mitigating the friction and costs of traditional transactional systems.

Enterprises, experimenters, and educators and exploring and forming whole new ecosystems which we will explore. A perfect storm has emerged for cyber risk. What is AI and how can it help you advance your cybersecurity program? The Thunderbird Consensus is a group of academics, technology companies and Indigenous groups who are researching the profound potential of blockchain technologies to identify and capture the full value of Indigenous entitlements. The initial focus will be oil and gas royalties, with subsequent efforts aimed at more comprehensive treaty, land and resource rights issues.

It will establish a platform for Indigenous communities, industry and government to transact in transparency and good faith. It will also provide skills development for Indigenous youth to prepare them for high-quality jobs in the digital economy. Industries are embracing technology to reshape their operating landscape and reap the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency, and increased cost savings.

The oil and gas industry is not a stranger to this and is progressing towards digital maturity. What may be the potential roadblocks and how can these be overcome? A strategic roadmap could help oil and gas companies to assess every operation and identify digital leaps for achieving specific business objectives. Location: Technology Room. Learn from industry leaders on what they see the possible use cases for blockchain and enabling technologies in banking and whether regulations need to put in place to allow the adoption to happen. They will discuss some of the challenges and ongoing blockchain initiatives that span industry, government and academia across Canada.

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Cognitive technologies have proven to be successful and they are in the real world. What is the case for robotics, what are the trends, how can you get started, and where are the highest value opportunities in RPA. How do we use the connected world now with respect to devices, processes, how it affects our personal and professional lives. I will teach you the steps you need to secure your network such as; Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures, Training, Safeguards, User Management, Component hardening and management and Monitor and Maintain!

Based on signals from the market, what is stopping enterprise customers from fully adopting blockchains into production? A look at the concerns and how they can be addressed to move blockchains from Proof of Concept to on production solutions. Autonomous Systems is an exciting growth opportunity in many different areas of technology. Applications in Ground, Sea and Air each require sensors, artificial intelligence and control systems. Alberta has a long history in the creation of new advanced technologies for the energy sector.

Leveraging these technologies into new markets is important for the growth of a diversified economy. March 5th — 6th, Bitcoin Rodeo presents The Blockchain and Technology Symposium How to each other like a gemini and gemini and beauty. Her success and direction both contributed to BDC recently launching a national technology strategy As Regional Director, Brenda has passionately supported several women led tech companies to success over the years. In her spare time, Brenda can be found on the soccer field or skiing with her lovely family.

He and the team have been working on initiatives based on Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy and Corda protocols, across a wide variety of enterprise and consumer use cases. His company launched Alberta's first Bitcoin ATM in February and has been striving to make bitcoin accessible and understood ever since. With over 14 years of entrepreneurial experience merged between companies geared to mechanical and technological advancement.

Koleya has had a fundamental role in the creation, development and cultivation of technology companies for over the last decade from every stage of development all the way from inception through to commercialization. At Avasant, Anupam leads the Digital Transformation and Global Strategy practice, providing ICT focused economic development and investment promotion advice to emerging regions.

She has devoted her volunteer time to the boards of many organizations. Sponsors pisces man dating a gemini woman Edmonton International Airport is the primary air passenger and air cargo facility in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton International Airport is a Platinum sponsor! Deloitte is a Gold sponsor! Business Magazine is a Silver sponsor! Alberta Enterprise is a Bronze sponsor! BDC is a Bronze sponsor!

BitVo is a Bronze sponsor! McLeod Law is a Bronze sponsor! Agenda dating a man who is going through divorce dating a seminary student plenty fish dating site free Location: Main Stage Blockchain Room Join us for the opening ceremony! In general you tend to be quiet — even somewhat introvert.

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But today you are going to make a beautiful and thoughtful gesture for your partner which will demonstrate your true feelings. It can be quite an extravagant gesture or it can be something of a much lower key but which holds deep meaning for the two of you. Whatever gesture you make ranging from cooking a special dinner to buying an extravagant gift — it will be something that is out of your character but which will nicely demonstrate your feelings. Do not mistake the initial slowness of the reaction of your partner for disappointment or dislike.

I called him and was heated but hung up before I put anything out there that I couldnt take back. He said doesnt everybody watch porn? I lost it. I know he loves me but think his evil twin is the dominant twin. Im a pisces dating a Gemini male, i want to know if its common for him to get jealous and go on tangents when where not together. Where were good, were amazing, when were bad.. The sex is fantastic! Sometimes I get jealous when all the attention shifts on him instead of me..

We have a lot of mis-communication, that eventually turn into fights.

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I am a pisces girl and i am soooo in love with my Gemini bf. We get along really well. No fights. No quarrells. We understand each other a lot. He is very loyal and somewhat aloof when it comes to girls. We trusts each other a lot and We have a lot of similarities. Maybe because I have a lot of Aquarius in my chart and my moon is Leo and gemini rising. His moon is in pisces. Like I said, we get along really well.

My soulmate. I am a Gemini lady who is in love with a Pisces male who is also my boss. He is so forgiving, caring, physically desirable, and smart. When I am with him I feel so protected. He is like the air I need to breathe. Athough, I think astrology is fun, I believe I am smart enough to act according to what my heart, desires, hopes, and logical reasoning is telling me. I am also very spiritual and I believe this man is the one for me. To all pisces women i need your advice, help me please… Been with a Pisces woman for 3 years who is 20 years older than me was the best time in my life.

Her face always blush whenever she comes and visits me when i was in UK. Not even a single day passed without having hot and steamy sex for hours days in a week for 3 years. She even fantazied of escaping to barbados with me leaving her hubby, 2 kids and 1 grandkid but i stopped her thinking that way and convinced her family comes first before me so just see me as a toyboy not more than that.

It was never like a wham bham, always passionate with long hours cuddle and kisses with loads of oral, and hours lasting sex, made sure she had 4 — 5 times each visit. In return she pampered me with pressies, made sure i fed properly, took me for shopping and dinner even i never expected these from her.

We still in touch with phone calls and mails but for me its not gona work for us together again because of distance. How can i put her back in normal life and convince to stay with her lovely family forever? Notice that most of the comments are coming from Pisces? The Pisces deserves a strong, loyal, passionate and committed mate who respects their worth and can be affectionate.

Pisces and Pisces Nature and Nuances:

Of course if the Gemini man has a lot of Water signs in his chart like his Moon, Rising, Venus and Mars are in the water or earth element, then he may be a keeper. He is very comfortable to be with. He can be a bit rude.. He is very receptive to my needs and i think i am the same with his.. I was in a similar relationship in terms of moon signs. As far as I know gemini man is not good at all for pisces woman.

She is too soft to such an extend that you will take advantage of her, or simply get bored with her.

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You are the only sign that can really hurt a Pisces enough to never look back. Get yourself some fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius if you want something more challenging. Both ended badly but because of mental instability in both, which is another story. I did make a strong effort to look past those issues and see the person that was buried beneath. What I found most attractive about a pisces woman was the ablility they had of bringing out my emotional side.

I found that with time a pisces woman could have a huge impact on how I felt. I was intruged by the way they behaved and their motivation for the things they did. When things were good I felt like they were very compassionate when I was moody. They seemed to always claim that I was distant and would choose a book over them. In my mind, the fact that I chose them before anyone else was a sign of my love and devotion to them.

When things got bad I felt like they were trying to emotionally blackmail me and control me. I found their behavior and the things they said, irrational and unproductive toward the goal of fixing the problem. It seemed more like trying to establish blame instead of coming to a resolution. It was actually infuriating and confounding. I would give a mentally healthy pisces woman a try again though. I think there is a mutaully benificial relationship to be had that can be an amazing experience.

They can bring out the best in me and the worst from what I have experienced. I recently met a Gemini man and I am a Pisces woman. I am much older than he is, but he has surprised me at every turn. We have gotten very close very quickly and the passion between us is very intense.

He is very affectionate and sweet, very witty and makes me feel safe. I never thought I would be with a younger man but this one is really amazing. The ironic part is that all my life Gemini men have been a pain the the butt. Whenever I would find out they were Gemini I would run. All the ones I had known in the past were incredibly insensitive and selfish. This one maybe is too young to have learned to be that way yet? I was married to a Gemini man for 25 long years.

They were very unhappy years, in fact miserable!!!!! He was self-centered, self-indulged, thought only of himself and was not a good father to our two children. My advice to any Pisces thinking of getting involved with a Gemini is to run quickly — in fact take flight!!!!

Im with a gemini guy and like pretty much how they worded everything on that is true so far and i mean i hope me and work out because he is one the best guys i have every been with , I love being wiht a gemini because honestly im the happest i have every been a long time and i dont want it to last , Thanks to who ever brought me to him when i needed him the most.

My friend is sweet he a good listener and very smart but he has his ways just like I do.. Only God knows if this is your mate for life or someone just passing through pray for a good Godly man…. We are usually calm and collected…and frankly much too cocky to feel threatened by another guy. However, in spite of our very flirtatious ways, we can become distrustful of the person we are with if they exhibit the same behavior. Hope this helps. I have been dating my boyfriend now for an amazing 6 months, his my bestfriend and were together everyday. I have an amazing guy and threw out everything that will come our way I am willing to work it out.

Im actually a teenager but i see your perspectives and being a gemini myself i see how our traits could cause such problems, but i met this girl and words cant describe how much she means to me. You could almost say it was like love at first sight. Its been 2 weeks and if there is anything the pisces women can tell me, please feel free. This girl is special to me, i dont wanna ruin things between us anytime soon. All we do is fight, and rarely say yaya and agree to anything! But he insists he loves me and he is always aware of my feelings, and me being sensative he gets that.

Can any one tell me though in your experience with this match, is it usual for him to get so jealous. Please tell me if this is normal for a Gemini man!!! Desperate to know!!! This trime around I know how i should be, what he needs from me and what i need from him. We both Get on well together, enjoy each others company, laughter and sillyness. But then again time will tell. Good luck to all picese woman and their gemini lovers. As i already mentioned plz plkz plz pisces ladies if u want to hookup wd ur gemini man give it some tym.

Altough its tough but will end on success. Any advice? The best thing I ever did was leave that sorry Gemini. They are totally not worth it. I have been with a gemini man for about 6 months and I can say this is true so far. I read it to him and we both agree its accurate in our situation. Out of the other men I have dated, this relationship feels like the one. I can be silly, upset, happy or sad and he is there for me to make me laugh and smile. Pisces woman should give a gemini man a chance. I am glad I did.

Well going through all the description which is no doubt true about a gemini man.. I would share something not presented yet in any post and what i personally experienced.. Gemini proves to be logical if a pisces keeps on thinking what he did without getting overly emotted. Gemini man is the one a pisces woman can completely depend upon.. What exactly she desires. A gemini man and A pisces woman relation i a complete success till the end but it needs time for sure its challenging but interesting too and piscerians lov challenges so better take it as a challenge.

Trust me ladies ur Gemini man is w weak guy.. Just stay with him you will realize he is a kid some times and simultaneously become ur huge support.. His lov is not to be compared with any men its trully for u. Dun ever dominate him , try and forgive and move ahead.. Being a pisces u will find most of tyms being trapped in v tiny miny emotional stances not fulfilled by ur Gemini man that basically hurt u. But if u ignore that and realize u never have huge probs bet u … y? Other wise WE being piscerians can ruin any thing whn we get emotional … Its gr8 and practicable long lyf workable relationship if u think its pros and cons..

A dreamy loving romantic caring Pisces lady and A mature practical rationale Gemini man…Give tym to ur relationships … Giv it a hold u will reallize the worth.. All d best. I am a Pisces Women who has been with Gemeni man for 9 mths and out of all the men I been with and came across, He is by far the best mate for me. I can be myself around him and express my out of this world ideas and he just goes with it making me feel normal and comfortable to be with him this long.

Although his nonchalant ways can hurt my feelings, and makes me get sensative on him. Showing the pisces woman I am even though I have a venus of aries. But he somehow finds a way back to my heart and i find a way to forgive him.. I see myself being with him forever!!! He so worth it and I love my Mr. Gem man here dated a Pisces for 2 years. I am a sexy Gemini Man looking for love. This stuff is partially true but mostly wrong. I appreciate all of your deep valuable comments regarding the Gemini men you love and loathe. Thanks for reading and good luck with your love lives….


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He is all these things. We fight because he is so not caring but we forgive easily and they are good men they just need a pisces woman to show them how to be empathic. I love him and I see us as Forever….. Stick to him it will Pay off. Hey everyone i have been dating a gemini for about 2 mos now and he is the best when were together but his mouth is so sarcastic and me being a pisces women tend to get offended very easy and his thinks its just normal play i like him alot but very gaurded dont kno what im gonna do when i get mad at him he does everything in his pwer to satisfy me its just a hot mess lol.

Thank you for sharing your relationship on here. I have been on and off with a Gemini man for 5 years. Everything you said is accurate to a T for a Gemini man! No one has ever come close to the amount of love and closeness I felt with him. This soured the relationship because I thought I was right, and his ugly twin came to bat for him.

But above all… we shared a bond that was unshakeable to this earth as we knew it. Everyone knew we were perfect for one another. Now I have to prove to the Universe that I am strong enough to not make those mistakes again in order to get him back. I never stopped loving him….

He always was and always will be the Greatest Love of my Life! Good luck Lana with your love! Wish you all the purest love a lifetime can bring!! Hi my pisces family it is true about gemini men but believe or not I was married to one and it was like night and day bad attitude no affection so after we divorced I swore them off until I had the pleasure of meeting someone hypethetically and never knew he was a gemini until we continued to talk that evening and I was so intuned with what he was saying I asked what was his sign and he said gemini and mouth just was open with no comment after I thought I would never date another gemini again I have been dating him for 3wks.

So true. And this is so true, as soon as I understood he is worth it, everything changed for the good, Gemini men do have double personality, but the more he loves you and values you for what you do for him the less of a bad personality you get. I love him so much and I was able to change things for him in a way that showed him he never wants me away.

We just belong together and make each other so very happy day by day: My advice for all Pisces woman would be decide if this Gemini man is worth your efforts and than everything will go to its place and will bring joy and happiness to both of you. I have been with my husband for 10 years and married for 7. This is so true, I was taken back. I love my husband, but the longer I am with him the more I want to swim away from him.

I love him, but more as being friends. So, this is very true to me. The love was great in the beginning, but it just sorta started dyeing for me. I have been dating a gemini man for about 3 years. Never dated a gemini before. When things are good -they are out of this world! Happy go lucky one minute…. He always has to be using his mind.

It can shut me down emotionally in the bedroom — not good : But I love the bastard….. I am in love with a Gemini and I see it being forever. We have had our bad moments. But, our good times defiantly make up for the bad. In my opinion, this is a highly favorable match. Of course chart comparisons must be done to determine the specific level of compatibility.