Most compatible signs for cancer man

As far as the basic rules of zodiac compatibility are concerned, firstly, water would be most compatible with water, and next, would share a great comfort with Earth. Let's look at the signs that would blend well with Cancer. With Cancer.

Relationship Compatibility: A Cancer and Cancer together would make an extremely romantic match affirmed with intense emotions and enormous closeness. You both have a craving for love, and hence a craving for each other. Since y'all belong to the same zodiac category, you two can empathize each other, and harmonize your temperaments well.

Your relationship can have a few zigzags owing to the discussions springing up from your pasts and fluctuating moods, but with little understanding and faith in each other, this duo can lead a life full of love and happiness. Intimacy: A cancerian is full of daydreaming and fantasizing. You both make exciting lovers sexually, as y'all share your fantasies and make it a point to turn them into reality. Y'all crave for both, emotional as well as a physical connection, making very sensual bed mates. Our Call: Like attracts like!

With Taurus. Relationship Compatibility: Cancer and Taurus can be called soulmates! Cancer's emotionality, attachment towards family, and moodiness is balanced by Taurus's practicality and steady approach towards life. They will together enjoy simple things in life, seeking security and warmth.

They say that this combo has the potential to make others feel jealous.


Overall, it can be a long-term relationship that would dwell on mutual love and security. Intimacy: You're both tender and warm, and prove to be sensual lovers. Taurus's erotic thoughtfulness when it comes to lovemaking will be appreciated by Cancer's emotionality and sensitivity. Our Call: What one needs, the other provides! With Virgo.

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Naturally, Water and Earth go well together. The level of understanding and the connection, makes this pair very strong. Since both these signs have emotional and caring nature, they will enormously devote to one another, and to their children. They help each other in achieving their goals. Cancer and Virgo are most generous of all the zodiac signs.

Their relationship will never be short on lovey-dovey gifts and caring gestures. Intimacy: Cancer will illumine the passionate flames in Virgo, who craves for emotional support. Although both of these are shy, their intimacy would be sensual when love blossoms. This relationship would be crammed with passion and warmth!

Our Call: No place for lightweight love! With Scorpio. These two seem to get glued to each other. Both are extremely intuitive and sense a basic similarity in their passion and objectives. Both these signs are ruled by Water, creating a base of natural understanding of each others desires and dreams. Loyalty is important to both of them, and once committed, they would never betray each other. The Crab admires the Scorpion's strength, while the latter finds harbor in Cancer's emotionality. This zodiac couple has a strong feeling of contentment perfused with sensitivity and intensity.

These two together, will build a place where they feel safe and loved, which is nurtured by their lasting attachment with each other. Intimacy: The duo shares a very emotional and intense bond which is visible in their intimacy too. Scorpio's dynamic passion sparks up Cancer's sensual side. Both of these individuals know exactly what the other one desires. Their sexual life can never be dull. Our Call: Things just get better and better when they are together! With Pisces. These are the most sensitive signs of all, and so both the partners take care not to hurt each other.

They are likely to get an instant attraction.

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There's a continuous flow of feelings, empathy, and compassion. Each one feels that their partner empathizes them like no other. Depending on the maturity of your Lion, you could be dealing with a clinical narcissist You are quite likely to find that most Leos are more focused on themselves, and are quite concerned with whether you find them attractive! You can assure your lover that this is the case just by getting down to business, and physically this will be a great connection for you.

Cancer Compatibility

But, when it comes to the day-to-day care of this high-maintenance partner, you might not be getting the kind of satisfaction you hoped for. Leo will demonstrate the karmic lesson that putting yourself first now and then can make a lot of sense. You and uncomplicated, accommodating Virgo can get along really well, but because both of you are so centered on taking care of others, sex might not be the first thing that occurs to you when you meet.

The Virgin symbol is really about the Vestal Virgin -- the kind that saves oneself on a temporary basis.

The Zodiac Sign You're Most Compatible With In Bed

You will also feel as though the two of you have a great deal of mutual respect. However, unless the two of you have some interesting contacts between the rest of your planets, the Cancer and Virgo Sun signs will not automatically ignite much passion. If you can work out a way to support one another for the great things you do, you can really build a refuge where both of you get a break from the crazies you deal with in the outside world. Discover your inner desires now. You and Libra share a love of being in love, so the overtures between you -- roses for no reason or an e-card delivered playing your song -- are the kinds of things neither of you consider to be a waste of time.

These wily, playful, and passionate people want you to chase them down. They also want you to share their fantasy-filled vision of your love.

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  • Fortunately, your active emotional imagination allows you to do this with ease. Once in bed, the two of you will enjoy demonstrating the ways you can show your love. In fact, you might wonder when this less-than-highly motivated person is going to finally do something for you.

    Cancer Man Compatibility With Women From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

    Simply ask, and soon all the right spots on your body will be tingling with the sensation of being adored. For you, love is all or nothing, but for Libra, love is It may also be that you instinctively understand what Scorpio is really about, and realize that this person has as many weaknesses as anyone else you might know.

    To the two of you, love is a mutual penetration that is as much emotional and psychic as it is physical. You will literally do everything you can to "become one," whether that means you rub one another down with sensually scented oils, or you take turns giving one another a soothing massage. This is the kind of match that could get the two of you to literally see fireworks.

    The down side is that the moodiness the two of you share could block out many days on the calendar when neither of you is up for having sex. Scorpio is sure to turn you on with a glance, a touch, or a kiss on the cheek. Then, no matter what happens in your relationship, you get to keep your own individual identity. Before you start to think about getting involved on the heart level, though, you should make sure you understand who Sagittarius is. This gleeful, kind, and fascinating creature is the kind of person who needs a whole lot of leash.

    Sagittarius is as capable as anyone of being a loyal lover, but only if the other person is willing to tolerate occasional absences. In bed, Sagittarius will be incredibly demonstrative. As much as your lover seems to be off somewhere on some quest, Sagittarius will be very focused on you when you are alone. The long-term prospects for this relationship are sketchy. Like two peas in a pod, you and Capricorn are the perfect match.

    Cancer Man with other Zodiac Signs

    Both of you are prim and proper on the outside, but delightfully delicious when it gets down to making love. There is just one rule you must abide by with people who are ruled by the Goat: Capricorn is the boss. You will indeed want lots of privacy when Capricorn is around, because as conventional as this person is in real life, when the Goat descends down from the mountain to play with you, no holds or positions are barred.

    Your naughty side can also come out of hiding when this sexy person is around. The two of you, with the right timing and similar goals for the future, could easily carry on a long-term relationship. Each of you has something the other one is missing. You have caring and nurturing energy, while Capricorn handles things like power and money.

    You will be expected not only to immediately decide whether this is something you want to do, but you may also be challenged to explain your justification for obtaining pleasure when you could be doing so much else for the world. Aquarius will love it when you administer your brand of tender loving care, so go ahead and lay it on!

    Gemini Worst Match

    You will probably even be able to sense the way you can connect on the soul level together. However, when the lovemaking is over, this relationship will take a whole lot of work. The two of you see the world in entirely different ways. While you protect and take care of your own, Aquarius is far more concerned about the state of the world at large.

    Aquarius will give you the karmic lesson that shows you the world really is a lot bigger than just you and the people you know and love by name. Cancer and Pisces This is your best buddy, the person you feel an immediate connection with from the moment your eyes meet. The two of you share a love of looking for a connection that goes far beyond the superficial.