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Aries needs someone to remind her of the simple things in life. Aries will be the one to keep Pisces on top of all her responsibilities while Pisces will remind Aries to smell the flowers every once in a while. Leo is social, bright, and loves attention. Libra is graceful, friendly, and outgoing. When these two pair up, they are a picture-perfect couple. These two go together SO well.


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Virgo is observant and hardworking. Aquarius is progressive and original. These two inspire each other to think in different ways. These two know exactly how to engage the other. However, there are a few exceptions to the unisex monster rule. Using the formulas in the Battle Mechanics Guide to arrive at damage predictions, then putting the damage into practice, I determined the gender of Holy Dragon Reis and each of the zodiac beasts, including both forms of Altima, and these results are confirmed within the code of the game.

However, the BMG was updated in late , and versions 5. These are also the only battles in which the monster's zodiac sign does not match the stone it comes from. As it turns out, its sprite byte which controls in-battle appearance and job portrait is set to male, but its gender half-byte which controls stat bonuses, names, use of female-only equipment, death screams, charming, access to bard or dancer, and zodiac compatibility is set to female.

For the purposes of this guide's information, it is female. If Invited, yes, it can become a Dancer although it will look like a bard. Since this battle can be annoying enough as it is, be glad those two along with Malak consistently have bad compat with her, or it'd be even worse. Various FAQs and sources disagree on these ranges; I have tested them in-game and can vouch for their accuracy. These are not necessarily the exact date ranges you will see in newspaper horoscopes and other zodiac sign resources, but the dates are quite close and these are the ranges used within FFT.

Bred monsters' zodiac signs are based on the date the egg hatches, not the date on which it is laid. I have tested this in-game as well. Most of the cards in the booklets featured concept art of various monsters, generic classes, and special characters, but the last 12 cards in one of the booklets had pictures of the zodiac stones on them. Below each stone is the name of the sign and the date range Square chose for in-game.

I did not know of these existence of these cards when I did the in-game testing of date ranges, and when I found the cards I saw that most of the date ranges corresponded exactly to what my in-game research had shown. However, the Sagittarius card reads, "a person who was born from 23rd of November to 21st of December," and the Capricorn card reads, "a person who was born from 22nd of December to 19th of January. So I re-tested that date range in-game and found that my data was correct.

The dates that appear in the chart above ARE the correct ones, and it is Square's own promotional publication that got it wrong in this case.

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So if you have one of those character card booklets and were about to inform me that I've got the date ranges wrong - don't worry, I've long since looked into it. Step 1A: In the formation screen and the in-battle unit list, select a unit using the arrow buttons. Continue to Step 2.

Step 1B: In the pre-battle formation screen, select a unit using L1 and R1.

Step 1C: In battle, select a unit on the field and bring up the unit's status screen. Step 1D: In the soldier office's unit info screen, proceed directly to Step 2. Step 2: Press 'Select,' then use the arrows to bring the pointer to the zodiac symbol. Press O, and a window will pop up telling you the name of the sign and what it's compatible with.

This is a chronological list of zodiac signs for enemies in assassination battles and other enemies with fixed zodiac signs, with a section at the end discussing bosses in the sidequests. Enemies who appear more than once per chapter are listed only in their first appearance in that chapter. This is why you won't find Wiegraf listed immediately before Velius in chapter 3, since you fight him earlier in the chapter as well, and why the final series of bosses isn't quite "in order"; except for Hashmalum and Altima, you fight the others earlier in chapter 4.

These tables use the following abbreviations: Cap. Algus Vir.

Aries - Compatibilidad de Aries con los demas signos del zodiaco

All three targets of Chapter 1 assassination battles are Virgos. Queklain Sco. Izlude Gem. Wiegraf Vir. Malak Gem.

Aries Sign Dates & Traits

Velius Vir. Balk Sag. Que se sienta libre y sentir que puede volar. Es una persona que le gusta proteger , pero es demasiado sensible. Para sentirse contenido y amado necesita estar seguro y la gran llave para seducirlo es tenerle confianza.

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Datos adicioneales. Le encanta aparentar y que lo alaguen. Son obsesivos de la higiene, el orden y la pureza; para que un hombre de Virgo toque tu cuerpo, lo tienes que mantener como un templo sagrado. Siempre va a buscar desnuda tu alma. Le encanta ver todo de la vida, es un ser expansivo, aventurero y viajar. En el Tarot podemos compararlo con el Loco, porque es un vagabundo, le agrada la aventura, es un idealista, pero siempre le interesa encontrar un significado de la vida. Para conquistarlo toma en cuenta sus opiniones y debe sentirse inteligente. Es ambicioso y le agrada tener el control de las situaciones, ello le hace sentirse seguro y estable.