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Mercury retrograde begins on Sunday, July 7 , bringing communication trouble, travel delays, and return appearances from your exes.

Because of the sensitive energy in the air, early and mid-July are times to reflect internally on what we want. We're further pushed to deal with trauma and past pain affecting our current decisions when Chiron, a comet known as the "wounded healer," goes retrograde for six months starting on Monday, July 8.

Notice patterns that no longer serve you, avoid falling back in love with a toxic ex, and put off major decisions until later in the month. During this time, and all of July, remember that change isn't bad, and patience is indeed a virtue. There is a partial lunar eclipse and full moon in ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday, July The full moon in Capricorn can bring bountiful career news. It's also a time to reassess if you're happy with your professional life. If you are in a job that you hate but haven't had the gall to quit, the eclipse may push you to make that change.

If you can keep calm and pay attention to the messages of the universe, this stressful month will leave you in a place much richer than you began. Cancer season ends for Leo to happily take the spotlight on Monday, July Leo wants us all to go out, celebrate our individuality, and soak up the sun and attention as much as possible as the summer starts to fade. After the two eclipses and an emotional Cancer season, the change in pace will be welcome.

Even fights and bickering between you and those around you will seem trivial as Venus enters Leo on Saturday, July Now is the time to go out and enjoy life. Making plans gets easier when Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, July This same day is also a new moon in Leo. New moons are a time for beginnings. Shake off any lingering drama, hold onto the knowledge you gleaned while reflecting during the eclipses, and be as loud and proud as you want. You're good at what you do, Aries, and you know it.


December 29

When you feel threatened you tend to lash out impulsively, a trait that Mercury retrograde, which begins on Sunday, July 7 , doesn't help much. July will test your patience, but if you pay your cards right, it will lead to hot sex and passion.

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Read your full July horoscope here. When your ruling planet, Venus, enters emotional Cancer on Wednesday, July 3 , you may feel overwhelmed regarding your love life. This month is hard on everyone, but if any sign knows the tools of self-care and survival to get through it unscathed, it's you. Attracting lovers comes easy to you, charismatic Gemini, but getting serious with someone is a whole other ball game.

Sun enters Scorpio

Is it possible that within this shit show of a month you actually managed to fall in love? If anyone can pull it off, it's you. You give so much to your family, chosen or blood, but how are you?

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Warrior Mars enters your sign on Monday, July 1. Be honest with those around you about how you feel. If you don't know, they'll get the push to figure it out anyway, thanks to the two eclipses this month, which will drag everyone's secrets to the surface. Are you being picky about partner selection, or are you setting standards so impossible that no one will ever meet them?

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  • July asks the tough questions as we go through another Mercury retrograde. But if you engage in needed self-reflection, this hectic month will leave you happier than when you started. While everyone whines about Mercury retrograde, which begins on Sunday, July 7 , you can use this period to your advantage to correct old mistakes. Be warned, however: Exes may appear out of the woodwork. As a fixed sign, you struggle with change and can stay in relationships long past their expiration date.

    July's double eclipses ask you to be honest about your happiness and prepare for new beginnings.

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    Don't freak out — you're the sign of rebirth, and you've got this. The full moon and eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16 bring bountiful professional and travel opportunities, which is what you live for. Well, that and sex, which you will enjoy plenty of if you're ready to address the emotional needs of others.

    People don't always understand you, Capricorn, and as a result, others may see you as emotionless. This month will be about as emotional as it gets, so in order to come out on top, you're going to have to embrace the fact that you may be a goat, but you're a goat with a mermaid tail. You can do both, perhaps. Set a time frame for everyone, including yourself and then honor it. Aries, as your ruling planet prepares to move into your sign soon, this is a time when work related matters Being intention isn't just a thing you can do, it's one you ought to do.

    Take time to be aware more than you typically are. There can be a blind spot that you missed and when you see it, whoa Taurus, with your ruling planet preparing to enter Sagittarius in a few weeks, it can feel like love has been a lot of work and little play. Turning your attention to other things can be the best use of this time in between transits.

    Think partnerships. Who you hang out with defines you. What do you want to be thought of most? Make it real. Gemini, when Mercury is in Sagittarius, the honesty factor can even be a bit much for you. Sometimes people may spill their beans in your direction this weekend and it's a TMI situation that can make even you blush. Today, make the most of this energy to get to know others but also to hone in on your listening skill.

    Aries March 20 – April 19

    Smarter for you to not be the one to overshare, even if you feel like you can without a problem. Cancer, with the Moon in Libra, you may want to spend a lot more time and attention on family and people pleasing. It may be unusual, but you may even hear from your boss or another authority figure that can use your help in resolving a problem related to work.

    This weekend, make it a point to solidify personal development plans. Have a work out partner? Maybe arrange for one. Need an accountability person? Consider bartering a mentorship with a friend. Leo, it's a day to have fun, be light hearted and just catch up with friends and family that you haven't seen in a while. If you're traveling, be sure not to let too many distractions take you away from last minute plans.

    Packing can be a fun thing to do but be sure to make a list to work from so you don't forget what you need. Virgo, take stock of your life, your things, and maybe spend a little time rearranging what has bugged you all year. From dresser drawers to kitchen cabinets and the like you will want everything spot less. No, it's not to early to spring clean.

    It's never too early!


    Libra, it's me-time. You might enjoy going to the movies, enjoying a nice dinner with a friend or loved one. Pamper yourself. Scorpio, it's the past again, but this can be the perfect time for you to sleuth your own life. You might also decide it's a good time to revamp your public image and start securing things like you hadn't done before. Password changes may be in order too. Sagittarius, your friendship circle can be so broad it can be tough to stay in touch with everyone.