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A really wonderful explanation for anything that could happen! However, they were prepared for any unforeseen things by saying that even the gods could sometimes make mistakes and there could be some. So, all the blame could be transferred onto someone else. It did not matter that even if that were to be a deity. A preliminary round showed that both of our leaves were there, and a preliminary reading was done following which they said that a detailed report would follow in a few hours. We were asked to go for lunch and be back.

The textile tycoon was being charged Rs. When asked for the difference we were told that my reading was for Agastya Nadi while his was for Shiva Nadi, not withstanding that he had told me a couple of minutes ago that it was my Shiva Nadi that would be read. When we went after lunch two separate readings were arranged for us- the master and the servant.

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The master was told a lot of things about him which hitherto were unknown to him. He was a womanizer and quite few other things too! But, it was nothing he did in this life that was the cause, it was his past life! He, as a Brahmin in Srilanka in his past life, had impregnated a servant woman. When it was discovered she was poisoned to death. It was this sin of his past life that was weighing heavily upon him in this life too and making him do all the bad things that he was doing. He was promised a solution too. When we had arrived to visit the temple, we were directed to this place to have our leaves read.

So it was quite obviuos that there was a cozy symbiotic relationship between the priests and these Nadi Jotishs. How could he forget them? His solution was to perform appropriate pujas in the temple the way they should be! Of course, they were to be done by a person whom the priest knew very well. The rich white man was told to make the payment in advance and the offerings would be sent to him by post at regular intervals as prescribed.

Me Manjunath , my mentor and the leaves with all details past and present of my life. The tape recorder in the picture was used to make a recording which I could keep for my future reference! While it was that way for the master it was a little different for the servant. I assumed the identity of my brother in law Manjunath my sister in laws husband who had passed away on the 30 th of April this year. The way they were trying to get the info was quite interesting and not a very good example of cold reading.

For example they would tell you that your name starts with certain alphabets and when you deny they would ask some other question about whether your father used a wear a cap and your mother a sari. After getting responses and some more details they would come back and ask whether your name starts with some other alphabets. Here since I had unwittingly revealed my name, or that was the impression I gave, they went directly into other details. With some encouragement from me the reader started delivering the usual rigmarole that they do.

When I expressed fears about my health he told me that I would live upto the age of 80 and enjoy very good health till then. I did not have as colorful a past life as my master had. I was a poor Brahmin at Palakkad and had died at the age of 40 in my past life. However, I was promised that the problems could be solved very easily by performing pujas for a long period.

As usual I was told he has friends in the temple that would be glad to do them for a suitable price and no fraud. I was also assured that it would be seen to that the offerings made to the gods on my behalf would be sent by post as prescribed. Though I was sorely tempted to confront them and expose their fraud I had been told specifically by the producers of the program that we should not do so.

However, the modus operandi was very clear- get the victim to give them the needed info and then whatever that could not be gathered would be elicited either by the process of elimination or deduction. The process of obtaining the information is so obvious that it only a dimwit could not figure it out. It is my feeling that the people who go in for this do so with expectations and accept the things said without question. As noted, they force people to wait in rooms, which may be wired for picking up hints from their conversations.

When we went around the temple we saw hordes of people waiting for pujas and rituals to ward of the ill effects of the planets in which this temple is said to specialize, squalling infants being brutally shaved bald in a ritual signifying the first tonsure. Ganesh, who had come with me, tried to have some secret confabulations with them as he was supposed to be the tourist guide of the rich man. They told him that he should have informed them before and they would see to it that he was paid a handsome commission.

The modus operandi is quite clear- keep on hammering until you hit the nail on the head.

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Exploit the credulity of the person and play it by ear. The things put in writing are those put in after the cold reading is done. So, the client is given an impression that all details are put into writing in minutes. The gullible people fall for this nonsense, pay through their nose and get into problems. The solutions they propose are not as innocuous as they seem.

Often, though not always, it is the poor who fall into the clutches of such people and lose their hard earned money. In case of the rich textile tycoon, they could see that he was wealthy, a foreigner who fancies things Indian. They were even fooled about the professional videographer when they were told that he would like to present the videos of his travels to his wife!

In my case they could make out that I was a man with problems- the image that I was trying to project- and treated me accordingly inventing problem after problem for my three children- the eldest a motor mechanic in Dubai, the second who married a lower caste girl and my daughter whose marriage got cancelled because of his indiscretions!

The secret is to prepare a nice story beforehand and go with details ready in mind. Better select a date of birth near to your own and of someone of the opposite gender or who is no more. This is so that there will be no confusion about the star and signs of the zodiac. Some of them may be clever enough.

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I could make out that they are not expert cold readers either. We also went to one more Nadi Jotish at a place near Chennai , the details of which I am not free to disclose as something else is being planned for him. In contrast to his poor cousins on the streets and huts, he was sitting in a house with air conditioning and a number of people around whom he said were his interns.

One who is afraid of this transactional life needs Astrology or anything including GOD to support him to come through difficulties of this life. But one thing we have to understand here is that all the concepts are part and parcel of this creation and transactional life. Somebody MAY get help from these, you and me may not want it and never will be benefited by these things. But then the somebody needs it and somebody is providing it.

Somebody may be using it scrupulously to make money out of it. Then, even Doctors are doing scrupulous thing to make money. It shows that any proven scientific fact can be used in two ways, that is proper and improper ways and that is human nature. Generate courage to face the life without crutches, including your and mine concepts, but by promoting the fundamentals of this transactional life which will generate the maturity to understand the life and transact fearlessly. Somebody may get real solutions to their problems instead of wasting resources on frauds.

You may not want that, but there are people who do. Hence the need for the kind of work that Prof. Nayak does. But I learn something from it. I understood what you meant. People who have changed themselves i. Also, people are free to do what they deem is necessary with their time. Isnt this also a form of bringing out frauds? Why do people hesitate in opening their eyes? If you really want to throw away your money, there are many worthy institutions out there. You would feel much better than visiting these con men. Rather than accepting it and moving on, they tend to burrow deeper into their delusion, denying all charges against their guru.

Thanks for you kind advise but I cant understand why you dont follow it yourself. Anyway, to let you into a secret I have changed due all these investigations.


I have learnt new methods to expose these people and report that so that others can benefit form that and not get conned. NADI jyothisyam is fraud and nonsence. Iam a keralite malayalee Brahmin. We in Kerala do not follow nadi jyotsyam. So I was kind of sceptic about nadi jyotsya. I was considering it as some Tamil nonsence and went to a nadi guy.

He began to read the lagna part alone for other, I need to pay extra. I look like a secular non religious guy that day and never bear any resemblance to a tam brahm. Still he figure out my caste. Btw he was seeing me for first time. But predictions were not very impressive though. I asked him what is the script in which it is written? I still firmly believe that Agasthya has wrote everything correctly , only thing this guy is not able to interpret it correctly.

Even i beleive in Naadi but there are no true astrologers to read the leaf! They just try to tell somthing seeing our horoscope that even an ammature astrologer could do. Im still searching for the perfect place! In other words, what you wrote and what you meant are opposites of each other. Was your d. Was the name judged correctly? It is accepted astrology principle. There are lots of frauds happening in Nadi Jothidam.

I just wanna know what are the inputs u give them? I would say we should never give any details other than thumbprint. No personal details such as name whom u want to read,his parents name,location,DOB,place of birth,profession should be given. If the Nadi reader asks ur name and personal details.

He might be a fraud. I have experience with Nadi for myself and my friends. Even my friend who is from a different religion,born abroad his details were very accurate and shocking truths were there. Note: I am not at all related to Nadi jothidam. I am a HR professional by profession and engineer by education. I gave them a thumbprint and also date of birth. For those who gave only their thumb print only they ask more questions to elicit the information! As for those from abroad there was Gareth who was also told absolute bull shit about himself. They even tell you that your visit is preordained and every morning they go to the temple to get leaves of those who are going to come that day!

With such explanations anything can be rationalised.

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If they what they say is wrong they can always tell you that that too was preordained and you must come another day. Please read the declaimers given with this write up from their own blurb. I had to accompany my mother to this damn vaitheeswaran koil about 16 years ago, and we went through this fraud, shelling out plenty of money.

You know another tragedy of this place? The lower economic class people in the village live poverty stricken, old-world lives while the scammers make hay. In another of these old world villages we went to, there was a special practice. The woman of the hosting house would not dine with us.

Every freaking day.

Such are the ways of the great old world. Hi Prof. Nayak, Do you take precautions when you do such encounters? I think cheats donot hesitte doing anything when they are exposed. Sandeep, we were a group of five people with locals from Chennai too. Please go through my last one- the science of nadi jotidam on nirmukta, there is a link to that in this write up. We had a confrontation but nothing happened, the reader of the leaves got angry, walked out, we waited for couple of minutes for him to return and then went away.

We had not paid that man at all but he was so furious that he walked away in a huff with the leaves under his arm! The secret is in body language and building up a credible story before hand. Vasudev, I find it absolutely appalling that you would be not be an advocate for change.

There are people who are desperate for peace and mental happiness and might do anything to reach that end. This is just like the Christian faith healers who prey on sick and desperate people. Telling the people that they are being suckered sounds like a harsh thing; but it is like showing how a magic trick is done- it robs the illusion of awe, but it shows the deceit and sleight of hand. I commend the work Nayak is doing and I wholeheartedly commend his courage and ethos.

Please read my last write up about that written three years ago. I could see lots of not so well off people there with medical problems conducting rituals to get cures for their diseases. Great work. Iam just a bit baffled with commentators on your article. You have provided all proof and experience and yet people cannot digest it. I think they should volunteer to accompany you on your next trip. On same note, I have experienced Naadi and must say that there are genuine ones also. The identfying of a native is amazing but one shud be careful of future predictions. I was approached by a foreigner to translate the Nadi readings in Tamil given by a Chennai based Jothidar.

I was unable to convince the victim of this fradulent practice as he was almost into some sort of delusion in extreme. Beware of Nadi Jothidars. He is a discredited mystic for you where as a realized soul for me. The truth lies in perception. We are 2 parallel lines and there is no point bridging the gap between. The truth does not lie in perception and so the argument comes a full circle. Oh ……….. He meant the logistic of human being as a universal mass, so their activity must harmonious with respect to the dynamics of the celestial bodies. Can you say, anywhere he mentioned about the third grade method to predicting the future as like this post discusses?

There are probably more than billion 1. So, now you must certainly realize, what osho offer to explain in his writings. Almost absurd to the present level of human conditions or we may achieve it when we reach the enlightened like Buddha. The matter is, if you become enlightened, you will not be requiring any astrology!!!! Not only but what it revealed but by how my life became unstuck and changed dramatically once the remedies prescribed were completed. If you go into something being skeptical and disbelieving, then that is the tone set for the entire experience.

My advice? Seek with trust. Because they raised me and that is what matters to me. And for him to actually get the answer, proof of some sort is needed. Hey thanks for your reply. I may not believe all the facts that you have presented, but one reference regarding the past life of your master makes me believe that the entire thing would be a fraud! Same brahmin born in Sri Lanka and spoiling a maid life!

Thanks for your article! I am just laughing things out! You should have seen my friends face on that day! He was totally dumbstruck on hearing all the stuffs and was constantly blabbering on this! Thanks for the article! Your method of testing is so wrong. Your approach is akin to putting water on mud and expecting a large explosion due to nuclear fusion. Since there is no explosion, the theory about nuclear fusion is bunk. You have to answer the questions correctly initially to locate the correct leaf, they cannot pick the right leaf unless you give them the right parameters.

Also go to the right guy the one given in the link above. Next with your limited tools you can say that the earth is flat. Method of testing: place a ball on flat surface, since it doesnt roll off, the earth is flat. Interesting article. And get my mom off my case. Do you have any advice on how I can frustrate their attempts at cold reading? Give wrong signals. Keep on frustrating them by saying no for everything. Finally they will get tired and throw you out. But, be careful about those accompanying you. They may let out secrets by their body language.

Sorry I saw this comment a little late. But, you can call me on my cell no for any urgent need. Please post here how it went on. It was incredibly underwhelming. I expected some subtle form of cold reading or nuanced detection work. But these clowns are nowhere as sophisticated as that. I was also wondering how idiotic our people are to fall for these cheap stupid tricks of these charlatans. I could read their modus operandi in a few questions they asked and took the fellows for a ride. It is strange that you call him fraud; when you feed him wrong information, expect wrong answers!

The zipper strip thing is so cool! I also love how you put the heart border unenerdath the polka dot patterned paper. I would never have thought to do that to break up the card. Very creative! He should have had the right information and told me that what I had fed him was wrong. So, it makes it very clear that the information he got was from me and not from the leaves. They always get the parents names , dob etc right! But somehow the past life stories sound the same!

Why not some better place in a better country! But please do check once again with the real info and see how far they get! Future — No! Nowhere close! And this after doing all the poojas! And there is one astrologer! My folks swear by him! Would be awesome if you could prove he is a fake too!! They keep asking you questions by process of elimination until they get the pas right. The process of cold reading makes them get the past right because your past is something which you already know and your reactions will always reveal the right answer.

If you will let me know the address of your parents as s strologer and take care of he expenses involved, we could expose him. Please remember that investigating these things involves expenditure. As Mr. Narendra said, the information they present to you is the information you give them. For example, if a Nadi fraudster was trying to get my name:.

I have been to 6 places including a research institute at Tambaram and they were bullshitting in all the places. You can also please check my last write up on this site itself- the science of Nadi joditam which was written several years back. All these people just want to make money. Just they will know people will come only when they have problem so depending on that they will create stories. NO Job 2. Not getting marriage 3. No childrens 4. Health problem. Financial problem based on that they will frame stories Even in Bangalore lost of frauds are thier in Hebbal.

Dear Mr. Narendra, Thank you, I have just gone through your article. It is very interesting. He took the Left Thumb impression of my wife and asked to come after one day. Again, he asked us to visit next day, for writing all the information in a book and also to suggest the remedies.

On the next day, he explained all about this life and future life and suggested to perform some rituals for remedies. He suggested mostly all rituals to be done at Tamilnadu Temples. I found the future prediction is more generous in way. Again, to get confidence, I went to him and asked to take up mine and he took my right thumb impression and searched some leafs and could not get mine. He said, he will get some more leafs in the next month and will thy to find from them. To get my full confidence, I have to wait till next month.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have had a totally different Nadi experience not in this place though but in Hyderabad. In the process I went through, the person was sifting leaves one after the other reading the probable case like.. Finally he was able to corner one for me that matched my profile i. Even about my marriage it happened.. Anyone can prove anything as wrong.. May be that fellow was wrong!! You could call the cell nos. It is just on your left side of the Vaitheeswaran Kovil temple.

I checked out the nadi reading at Goa because by brother challenged me. I gave only my thumb with no details. We spoke in konkani there so the tamilians could not understand. They were reading the leaves like a railway time- table. They came spot on with the exact first names of both my parents. After that I misled them because i did not want to divulge personal details. Their predictions were all false and went back and told them so.

Was it telepathy? Even the car was parked far away so they had no time to take the number and check out RTO. Many of friends did the same trick. Sir my friend padu checked this nadi research at chidambaram. HE did not believe his past. E the same nadi jothidar. The same person found the name of Canadian,very tough father name and mother name of Canadian, Everybody astonished….

I am not believing the nadi jothidam but it is a fact.. What magic they use.. Thay are collecting money for parigaram are reasonable,.. Moreover they would not compel for parigaram or guru donation. WHERE was the time. But future tense prediction may be write or wrong. We have to wait and see or they dont want to tell the future tense correctly.

Who is the thief of my bracelet.. Can I ask him instead of going to police, Pl. Please find the truth and inform me quickly because I want to go there to research the subject. How they know our father and grand father name.. Go there research and then get back to me. I have gone to a number of these places and found out that they were doing cold reading.

Please find out who took you there and got the appointment. Ultimately you started your father business but u were not having the knowledge of Ayurveda and u given the wrong medicine to old aged person and pregnant ladies and due to this some old persons were died and pregnant ladies were aborted. Dur to scarcity of time i am writing in short if somebody want to clearify , he can contact me. Nadi Jodidham is simply a bullshit. These are the kinds of people who put fears and doubts only to ignorants and bring disgrace to an otherwise rich culture of Tamilnadu.

Such people are there everywhere and this country has a rich cultural tradition. No need to be apologetic about these things. I had gone to this place to specifically expose these guys for a documentary. You could see my previous write up on this-The science of nadi jotidam which was written years before this. I have been to Nadine joshyam n vaitheeswaran temple twice. Thy juz make nonsense note of wat v telling.

Juz by guess thy proving it. N I went in chennai in mylapore there thy told my future husband name. Still I m not married. May b in future let me c. I don be live these stuffs. Waste of money. Probably when you get married you can get your husbands name changed to make it come true! Jokes apart, I fail to understand why people fall for this stuff despite of our telling them again and again and proving it so be nonsense.

Just heard it, my interest peaked and I want to go in for another reading! I did not hear it when I got it read. I wanted to hear it all only after 5 yrs, and thats just what I did and I am astounded! Many predictions were off particularly in timing but many were dead accurate. I myself am surprised.

Too bad there are too many frauds, but for me, it peaks interest and prompts more investigation. They will trap you into performing pujas to undo your negative karma. Runs into thousands. This is a big money spinning racket…. And when i went i was not married, they told my husbands name correctly. Because now i can tell it was very correct. Or was it a vague thing like name of an avatar of Vishnu or something like that? Dear Narendra Sir, As asked for , I have read this article of yours. For the benefit of all readers of this link, may I take liberty to paste the comment made on the other write up link on the same topic?

Passport has parents information. Maybe these people may know someone from immigration. I agree with Ram, for the sake of arguments, that there may be something like that for the persons staying in Hotels or arriving from abroad etc, but those who come just like that from within country, uninformed, from the homes or not from hotels.

The author casually called his friend to a Naadi Center as it was convenient point to meet for both of them. While waiting for, the friend casually asked Naadi center to take out any Naadi leaf for him, if possible. On the request, the photographs of the long palmleaf were taken. And the names of the concerned persons were dotted for easy recognition. If demanded by the readers and permitted by the moderator,to present article, he and any interested readers may contact me email yogvivek55 gmail.

I presume, without reading the article Prof. Nayak and others, will not debunk my remarks. Let us come togather to know more. By negating we lose possibilities for research or study, of these palm leaves more closely. Is there any thing really written on the claimed palm leaves? If yes, what is it? Can debunkers groups come forward to seriously find what is it written on the palm leaves? Does it have some message really written? If so what is it? I request readers of this faculty to form a study group to unveil the writings on these palm leaves.

Yogvikek, If you want to study this, you need to get those Nadi folks to cooperate , provide copy of the leaves and so on. When I asked them, they refused. Nayak will participate. Or it could just be a random scribbling….. For person of scientific temper and investigator, these assumptions are needed to be examined with hardcore evidence. And the result should be discussed in this forum. Nadi centers do provide notebook without asking for, some centers give on demand, According to them, it is the exact reproduction of what is written in the palmleaf.

Cassette gives meaning and interpretation of what is written in the note book. Who could be better person than Narendra ji? He has visited several Nadi centers on different occasions. He has the knack to extract the required documents from them. I am sure by now he is in possession of many Notebooks, the nadi centers provide, in addition to CD or Cassette. These are the evidences provided by the center, with these evidences be verified by him withe help of experts in the field… ——. Now here, I request to the readers specially to those, who are good in Tamil Scripts and literature can decipher the text from the Notebooks and share the information to all.

It is said by the nadi centers, that these matters on palm leaf are written poetic form. They follow certain form of pattern as per Tamil literature. This will help Narandra ji to unveil the secrets of the nadi. Dear Narendra Sir, Thanks for guiding me to refer the photos you had appended to the link.

Thanks for that. That means, I am sure you are also possessing the pages of verses written about you and other persons with whom you had gone to investigate the matter. You can take the help of the Tamil knowing experts to unveil the meaning of the verses written there for you for the assumed names. I hereby make appeal to all Tamil knowing persons to extend their services to Narendra Sir, for reading verses and meaning their off.

Whether is it the same what is told in the cassette or not could be told by them. Dear Dr. Narendra Nayak Sir, Now one month has passed. Hope you have started exploring matter written on the nadi palm leaf. Many will thank you for your views on the matter obtained from palm leaves. And from the notebook supplied by nadi readers. I had read the leaves when I was seeing my Naadi joshiyam in vaithiwsran kovil.

My parents name were already inscribed on the leafs. Mindyou I am a Bengali and the names are uncommon for south indians. I belief it is some kind ancient science. For me it is seeing is believe. The recordings are with the people who shot them- the Australian TV people. Any way, I am quite fluent in Tamil and have followed perfectly what they said. Sir, you can easily read note books provided after leaf is searched. Easily one can catch if the note books do not mention the details of the client.

May I know your views on this notebook reading.? Hi Mr. Nayak, I trust naadi but generally I first verify it. I like your idea of being sceptical and verifying it but I think the way you experimented it was wrong. If you go with a cooked up details and try to push him to find a similar detail defintely the guy might come up with a cooked up leaf for you. I have been through a similar situation. But the way I experimented was on a fact that all answers has to be correct on one naadi leaf only then it is yours!!

So before the question session itself.. I clearly told the astrologer that if you ask me a question and if i don;t want to answer that like whether I am married or not I will just pass that question and we will try the next question. That was really surprising. Rgds, Rajeev. What exactly do you mean by trust here? What exactly is that you do with this trust?

Can you give some examples. This trust helps you be more focussed on clear understanding that this world is not only what you see with your eyes!! I suggested an anamoly in the way you conducted the test and published your results. I am not a superstition person. Assuming I have some small and basic knowledge of science and being a Signal Integrity Engineer for more than 12 years, I am only suggesting you to make your experiment more robust so that things can be evaluated in a better way..

My only intention was to minimize some of variables in your experiment. If you feel your scientific zeal doesn;t like your experiment to be questioned, it is surely up to you…. This is not my first experience with Nadi. If you could go back in this, the first time was in and I have put it down here as The science of Nadi jotidam. In all professions in this world, you will find different kind of people.

That conclusion is premature. Even the basic fundamental of science says that even if you find even one example which proves a particular theory wrong, the theory should be left aside. If science says there are no rebirths or future predictions but even then there can be recoreded examples which proves the opposite, science explanation fall flat! Science does not make any such predictions Claims of rebirth and infallible predictability are made in religion and other forms of superstition.

Skeptics seek to evaluate these claims by means of science and other empirical methods. But they eventually none of the claims can be supported by these methods. Let alone conclusive evidence or support, there is not even reasonable or normal levels of evidential or empirical support for these claims. Since these claims are abnormal and extraordinary, they would be classified as paranormal. But they are fully capable of inquiry and investigation and this is being done the world over.

Paranormal investigators Dr. Nayak is a very reputed and able paranormal investigator of India look at all aspects of examples claimed to support the paranormal phenomenon. But so far all those examples and arguments after examination have turned out to be hoaxes or delusions. Where are those recorded examples of rebirth other than in fairy tales and epics? Every religion and culture routinely makes these claim, but provides no evidence for these. Belief in superstition continues but that does not constitute a failure of science or its theory.

Please google and you will find documentaries of BBC and other reputed channels where people have studied rebirth cases in details. Documentaries are not science. In science there are a set of processes to find whether a hypothesis is correct or not. Given that is your who brought up rebirth, the burden of proof is on you to show the evidence. Acceptable evidence would be studies published in high-impact journals. Even better if those results have been replicated by independent teams. That is a logical fallacy called appeal to ignorance. Let us have a really more objective test of Nadi jotidam.

Since the wise rishi munis have already put down the future in their leaves let any one who wants to verify join this test with me. We could go to any nadi practitioner qs it would be already pre ordained as to who shall read my future it has to be right choice, I shall have a sealed envelop with things inside, particularly things like currency notes and papers with things written on them, let my leaves be searched for it would not be difficult as it would have been pre ordained and tell the contents.

I would be glad to award one million rupees to the person taking up the challenge. Otherwise this amount will be forfeited. Any takers? Narendra Sir, Hope you will not suppress the reply. Happened to get some written material of one person Martin Kola from Czech Rep. His leaf was found in Prague. In his leaf some description regarding him was given. In addition, a sentence was seen that you may not be aware by You were my Disciple in past life called Machha Muni.

Machha Munihas authored Naadi palm leaves which are available in some centers in Tamilnadu. He is revered by many. However these die hard Skeptics will never rethink on these scripts as they have already closed this case for further srcritiny…. You shall beget children supporting your faith and belief even in the future too. You shall, at around your age of thirty and five, come to analyze your Nadi predictions. My disciple, you are Machcha. With a desire to meet you, look I have come to your country! You are already blessed with completeness of life; in addition to that you also have a loveful consent from your wife, such is the present situation in your life.

Hope, you will not decline to study the contents and submit the report in this forum due to preoccupation etc. If not you, your Tamil knowing friends may help you in this regard. Further study could be conducted later on…. Simple macha. The reply would have the same in any country, England, France,Germany or Utopia for hat matter! I do hope that Maharishi Agastya has a leaf for me which can be brought to Mangalore and says that macha, you were my disciple in last life and you have a sealed currency note to test me whose denomination is—— and its serial number is———!

If the answer is right, I will agree that Nadi is a great science. Go ahead and do that macha. I promise you that I will not suppress your answer. Besides, macha you can also earn 10 lakhs subject to deduction of income tax as applicable. If you win you will get it back with my ten lakhs after deducting income tax as applicable. Go ahead and do it macha. Nan ready irukkaren. Anda leaf Tamille irundalum no problem.

Nan simple Tamil padikkaren. All the best to you and Agastyar maharishi. I am sure nobody has the guts to take up this challenge. But its easy to fool the society, the Nadi Jyotishis are doing a thriving business. I truly honour everyone here who are investing their respective time for this. Hence I thought to seek help from this study. Please Help.

Do not seek guidance from astrologers, pujas, and prayers when making decisions. Take a pen and paper instead. Write down all possible options example: if are making decision to buy a car then the options would be 1 New car 2 Used car 3 Just take the bus. You should be able to do something similar for all decisions. Next step is to do a cost benefit analysis for each of the options For the car buying example, 1 New car will cost more upfront but will have low maintenance cost 2 Used car has low upfront fees but high maintenance fee 3 Bus is the cheapest option but you have less mobility.

Based on the cost benefit analysis you should be able to pick the best option. You can also have friend look at your analysis as a sanity check. If you have lots of dough and on the brink of suicide, go to any conman…. They will keep you hopeful. Losing money is referable to losing life. You are poorer by 5k period.

Why dont you contribute something to our movement than waste on things ;like poojas suggested by these thugs. I am sure they would have suggested to you also the person who will do the thing for you and got the kick back from that person too. What they do is a technique called as cold reading and there is write up of mine on this site about the same which you can refer to if you want.

Rishi kesh, Capt Mandrake, Advice that you should be depending on your wisdom and abilities is very apt. Naadi Jyotishya is a tool to decide certain future stocks. You may or may Not listen. I, along with some friends are exploring matter written on Naadi palmleaf. Is there any thing really written or is it grabbling without any meaning? The study reveals such writings have specific patterns and substance. Case study of Martin Kola was part of that study. He provided note book given to him for his leaf reading. Some indology experts have been studying script and language used in narration.

Whether it is written by many Naadi Maharishis or by scroundrals like Naadi readers needs investigation. Skeptics are more interested to debunk astrology aspects. We have no problems about that. We expect them to come forward to study the literary aspects. Why they avoid and throw challenges at us? If they conduct examination of Naadi Literature many will Welcome… I hope. I am not supportive of any wrong doings by Naadi Center readers.

Thanks for the clarifications -due to limitations of language I would not be interested in the literary aspects of Nadi. I have been looking at that from the point of view of a skeptic and investigator. I am very sorry to say that as a method of either telling the past or predicting the future it has failed miserably period. I went to a good NADI, he did not ask too many questions to look like collecting information. It all depends on where you went.

Gentlemen, Even I did not believe this. Mr Ravi is right. I did not ask about the future. Interested can have it checked at Nagpur and stationed at Telecom nagar. Just to test I had been to the place in South India. There it is very very difficult to find a good guy on this. Have taken pains of writing articles on Nadi Granthas. That you have bad experiences, but many claim to have positive results. As a true investigater you are to get assistance from Tamil language scholars to verify written matter.

You have great following. They look upon you to set an example. In their eyes you will be a big let down! We, Guruji C. I was having many problems regarding my career for the last few years, one of my friend suggested me to get consultation from astrologer Guruji C. Balakrishnan and he suggested me some remedies and gave two gemstones to wear, trust me with in few months i got positive results and almost my career problems solved.

Thanks to Guruji C. Balakrishnan by heart. Balakrishnan is one of the few genuine astrologers existing in today's world. Along with the astrology he encourages people to work for their future and not merely depend on astrology. The quality of the Gem stone he provides is excellent a bit expensive but worth it. Balakrishnan is a Chief Nadi Astrologer in India. Balakrishnan is famous for his Nadi reading in all over India. His Nadi Reading is very accurate. Balakrishnan is specialist for the predictions of the Nadi which are all in Tamil Language in poetic form and using code words for astrological and other terms.

Welcome To Nadi Astrology The Rishis or holy Sages of Ancient India applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the well-being of future generations of mankind. Read More.. We provide the best Nadi Astrology Services The Rishis have given predictions only for such of those individuals whom the Rishis knew would come and get the predictions.

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