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All is synchronized and saturated with so much to deal with that the inner doubter must work overtime to keep all this within bounds. The skeptical outlook becomes the only defense against being taken over by too many directions with too much power in them for anybody to integrate. That distancing voice taken on as completely as possible. The dry observer, the impartial witness. This does serve to level an edge to the providings. The one who searches and finds, needing to prove to that detached witness that we are getting somewhere, it is worth it after all. Gifts of consciousness.

Nothing else in here. No emotions, no true embodiment. But a startling mode of awareness. So lucid and probing, so skillful and able to pursue the cues from so many sides at once. Everything in life is sacrificial to the work, to the quest, to the interior dimensions. Starkly one-sided and perhaps intolerable in a certain way. The specialist who is still at it after so many lifetimes.

Ultimately, a sacrifice unto purpose and broader results. Here to further the shared process of uncovering that which we need to see and come to terms with. Mu goal is to see through my own distortions and to cleave to the truth that stands behind everything I perceive. I need to always be clarifying the difference between my truth and what is my projection. I naturally realize that everything is connected. I want to serve and to make everything possible.

I'm very capable of keeping the world going on whatever terms seem necessary and vital. I'm a very mental degree.

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I take what I am discovering in myself and then disseminate what I discover. I speak the truth and put out there what I mean to say. What often happens to 10's is that they give into situations and contexts that make their giving useless, or which merely perpetuate the status quo without evolving it. They keep trying to protect their individuality but often end up grooved into the habits and patterns and thought currents of this world. Dismantling the world illusion is their job. I am a love, a catalyst, someone who does people good, who brings it all back around.

I am here to make a difference. I am an instigator. I make things happen. I carry the ball and run with it. I am meant to be a tremendously forward pressing energy. I have instant photo recognition of opportunity, challenge, possibility, and opening. I am the fastest frequency. I am intent on shifting patterns, making something happen that wouldn't happen otherwise.

I always have something at stake, something dramatic going on and I'm in the very middle of it. I'm trying to get the opposites connected. I have the tendency to be hyper-adaptive in crazy making situations. I generate impact when I don't do anything whether I know it or not, because I'm constantly emitting a kind of spark. All I need to do is to be calm and quiet and accepting and embracing. I don't need to force the issue.

In fact, forcing issues can be my great mistake. It's very easy for me to get into addictive patterns. I'm afraid of coming down. I'm afraid of being flattened. I'm afraid of things getting less intense, less powerful, less amazing. The 11 is tapping the wisdom that is at the edge of the physical plane in the realm known as the subtle physical, which is the aspect of the physical that's not gross and tangible and massive but is more like a kind of a vibe that is in the physical but isn't in the gross physical. When I am really on, I do just a gesture in the right direction and everything magically happens.

I have the ability to have an incredible light easy natural touch. I have the ability to enhance the life spark, the quality of drawing forth the best in things. If I can just surrender my fears and have faith I can experience a great turnaround in my life. Letting to can completely change my world. I exemplify the truth that what you resist you become. Whatever I try to get away from is what I'll be faced with. My great challenge is to learn to never say never. I may have infinite capacity that I don't tap, or don't tap fully or openly.

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With me there is nothing anywhere except personal soul discovering, exploring, unfolding, developing, working, and moving with. I always have to learn the most basic things. I always already now the most advanced things.

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I essentially live by my wits. Everybody consistently overestimates me.

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Some part of me won't let me enter upon and enjoy the fabulous gifts I am heir to. That part says I don't deserve it and that part seems to dominate a whole corner of my soul. It takes a long time for the gifts and the magic to overflow.

Everyone has their eyes on me even when I'm not doing or saying anything. Other people feel inspired, enhanced, quickened, and challenged by me. I am at my best when I'm very expressive, engaged and committed to progress. I have a willingness to clear myself of any and all falsehood and restriction.

I am overwhelmingly consecrated and given over to the objective task. I'll do what needs doing. I am dedicated to the task of finding out what's wrong. It's too easy for me to feel discouraged, disempowered and disillusioned. Cleaning people's houses is a perfect 14 task. I create channels through which things can happen, and often I don't even know I'm doing that. When I am inspired, I am totally alive. I am very wholistic and all-encompassing. It is necessary for me to have a light, broad, open style.

In my true mode I listen, tune in to, and open myself to any and all directions as the impulse and the message arises. I am able to open all my subtle senses and be finely tuned and exceedingly alive to the complex weave that arises when fairy and cosmic beings, the dead, and every variety of unknown intelligence are here with us. I was specifically made for a different world.

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The 15 frequency vibrates with Chiron. I am pouring a healing balm into everyone, with something restorative in it. I am lively and easy to be with. I am subject to and almost at the mercy of moods, moon tides, follies and notions which pass but which can take a bite out of me. Life feels like an emergency to me. There is nothing I can depend on, no stability, just the meeting of what is in the moment and attempting to harmonize it with my deep inner self. I am always up against the need to crack through a shell, a structure that feels so thick and customary that it takes everything I've got not to feel intimidated, not to be coerced.

I feel on the defensive. I need to learn to give my all to the situation at hand. I need to put myself on the life. I need to discover a deep enough place in myself that can commit itself forcefully enough and totally enough to a new way of life. The 17 is seeking to annihilate what is false in it. It needs to undermine and sabotage its own disguises, its own agenda, its own trip. It is dead set on something it doesn't know how to reach.

It will get there but it has no idea how or when or what its going to take, but it will. It has a good built-in instinct for how to not go crazy. It just nows that you can't take anything too seriously or too much to heart because if you do, you will collapse into a heap. It knows that it must be ironic. I do not have any idea what is going on with me in a certain sense. I have no patterns, no reference points for most of the stuff I find myself dealing with.

I have got to make something out of what I meet in this world, and it really get to me. I have got to get my insides to somehow come outside and be part of things, and it's such a struggle. I get accustomed to hiding out. The 17 is always coming out of a place where it knows all about things and then discovers it knows nothing. The 18 is ultimately about witnessing what it's like to fall, and what it's like to rise. It chooses ultimately to rise, but honors ever stage of the process. It can be very temptable and susceptible.

It is the most vulnerable of souls. When they get on their spiritual path, though, they are shining representatives of the bright spirit. I make sure to keep the pressure on. I make sure to make it tense and dangerous in how it will turn out. I can push myself way too far. I don't know how to be simply here with what is happening and just let it flow.

I can't seem to keep myself awake in the midst of life unless I resort to my youthful impetuosity. I can be the perpetual adolescent. I can follow the adventure all the way and I do. I am essentially unable to keep myself away from pushing too hard and feeling where it takes me. I run in impulse, improvisation.

I am an outlaw, a renegade, a follower of myself. I am so incorrigible that each time I do curb myself, it barely holds for awhile. I have a shadow self that doubts and fears the outcome of my audacity and spirit of adventure, and who draws to me people and situations to thwart me, block me, and stope me. As I eventually mature which might not be until my 50's or 60's I develop maybe just a little bit of tameness and ability to observe myself. This helps me greatly to overcome my impulsiveness and be far more fulfilled.

The reason it take me so long to get to the point is because all this adventure and excitement feels so vital I don't want to give up even a little bit of it. If, on the other hand I give in to the world and give up my maverick ways I can end up living in grief. Not a passive grief, but a burning grief and longing. This grief of mine is unused life force, untapped talent and genius.

The 19 is totally magical. There is something in it that understands that everything is rigged in our favor, if we're willing to learn from it. If you're innocent enough, you can just put yourself at the center of the 19 frequency, radiate conviction and all will form around you. I am the wider link and I can't swallow myself up in life's particulars in any way.

My own priority is to be the scribe, be the witness, the onlooker, be the one who lets all the others know that this is happening here, and that it matters. I am being asked to sweat it out. I have to work with my personal subjective self and all its opacities, illusions, densities and incredible stubbornness. The main thing happening in this frequency is that it is being pursued by the Absolute.

It breathes right down your neck ad you can't create any distance from it.


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It smiles on you in the shadows. It enjoys your falls and says, "here, here's a hand. I'll pick up up. They don't spend their whole tie there or anything, but it's amazing when they get it.

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There can be a huge kind of fanaticism in the 20, a self-righteousness -- where one tries everything in one's power to make the world wrong and oneself right. The 20 is seeking to be a graceful and skill reflector of an infinite reality. By doing so I live vicariously, second hand. I cannot resist the common tone, the generic style.

I can be influenced by every current around me. The further I go in trying on for size the ready prototypes that are so eacy to portray, the more alienated I become from this one pure dynamic that means everything to me: it's that I yearn to be the one who makes those around me come alive. When you are fully clear in the 21 you know that you are a herald, that you are a forerunner, that you're a beacon light bearer, that you're one of those characters who goes on ahead and helps everybody get where they need to go.

You're a pace setter, a tone setter. And your way of doing that is to listen to the voice within and to follow it so closely that you become the voice within. You can never cease working the beat, the territory of finding ways for this and that and that and this to combine forces -- to become one.

You have to be the one who essentially overcomes and transmutes your own stuff.

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Sooner or later you almost always find yourself forging a path that is the opposite to the one that makes sense inside you, and that's the wake up call. The fact of the matter is that you're very close to where you need to be but you just haven't made the leap yet. Sometimes the 22 gives up the search for truth because it seems like there's such a remote chance of finding it. They may feel that they can't depend on anything, even themselves. Their mission is to eventually see through all the illusions being perpetrated both inside and outside themselves to find truth.

It is the infinite aliveness which follows from a dead era of history, I get what's going on before others do, and my part is to go on ahead and to show by as many different signs that we can, and we will. I am that smile, that yes, that "of course" which can't be denied. The difficulty with the 23 is that it's hard to ground it. With the 23 it's fairly easy to over adapt to the struggle of the times and to underplay the element of vision prophecy and the greater awakening. The we is always aspiring, seeking, questing.

Its message is "go further, take it beyond, don't stop here, don't settle for this. At best it is someone who is conceiving and moving with a whole new world.