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Raman when I was 10yrs old or something, to my child-mind it took away all the fun, made astrology just like school work. So in interpreting any house of your horoscope, you will start with the 1st divisional chart, the birth chart where the rising sign occupies the first house.

This is what you should be looking at. And then finally the most tedious but complete analysis, reorient the chart with this house as the first house to analyse it completely.

The empty house is not your focus house. So you see even if your this house seems vacant, there is a lot of stuff you can use to predict about it in your basic birth chart itself. But if you are not satisfied with this, for your personal chart you should not be satisfied, the more you know the better you understand yourself! This gives the real you, your innermost sub-conscious expectations regarding your current life. Every house from this chart will give you the inner workings regarding it.

This is the sum of the astral energies you have at your disposal as regarding this house. You can analyse the other divisional charts too if you feel up to it. There are other divisional charts too that you can refer to if you wish, each will add more to your understanding of your chart, including the empty houses. I want everyone to enjoy reading and learning Jyotish!

So here is how every individual house of the chart is completely analysed. There may or many not be planets placed in it, but still the analysis holds. A planet placed in a house adds more focus to it. Having a planet in a house will mean that more of your life experiences will be focussed around this house. But what if the owner of the vacant 8th house goes and occupies the 1st house or is conjunct the ascendant lord? Your entire personality will be influenced by the matters of the 8th!

Then again you will always have some sub-conscious expectations from this seemingly empty house D Do this long-ish exercise with your own chart sometime This is Vedic astrology, so please use a Vedic software for calculating the charts and see if your life events match up. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. One's public life and popularity, his worldly standing in terms of material success and his connection with people in high position should be judged from an examination of the strength of the 10th house.

This house refers to the tenth sign of zodiac, the Capricorn or the Makar or Makara. The natural significator of the tenth house is the planet Saturn and Mars. The parts of the body ruled by the tenth house are the gallbladder and the knees. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the tenth house deals with government and its affairs and its chief executive.

It signifies the head of the State, whether monarch or president or prime minister, also royalty, nobility, the party in office, the national leaders, the upper level of society and those in authority, eminent and distinguished persons and the aristocracy. It governs the nation's honor, integrity, credit, power and status among the community of nations. This house provides the clue to the political situation prevailing in a country. It governs all the matters signified by the industries, public enterprises and commerce ministry. Eleventh House The 11th house rules a person's friends, social circle, profit, gain, income of all kinds, acquisition, desire and wish fulfillment.

The 11th house is related to friends. It stands for all those who are allied to the native by likeness or sympathy of interest in society, community, clubs etc. It includes well-wishers and close acquaintances. It also includes one's hopes, wishes and aspirations and their realization. The 11th house governs success in any undertakings, whether it is in profession or business, higher studies or election, litigation, speculation, health, etc.

It indicates varieties of income; the 11th house is commonly referred to as 'Labha-sthana' denoting profit or gain. It is through this house that incoming wealth is to be expected. One has to investigate the 11th house to ascertain how far one will succeed in social and financial matters and whether at all he will succeed.

This house reflects the native's attitude towards society and his interest for social activities as distinct from personal aims and ambitions. It also relates to reformative and unconventional activities. It governs elder brother or sister, paternal uncle.

The 11th house is the bhadhak sthana or the house determent to longevity for persons born in movable signs or chara rasis viz. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This house refers to the eleventh sign of zodiac, the Aquarius or the Kumbh or Kumbha. The natural significator of the eleventh house is the planet Sun. The parts of the body ruled by the eleventh house are calves and ankles. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the eleventh house signifies the parliament, House of Commons, legislation, associates or allies of the nation.

Twelfth House The 12th house rules a person's bondage, confinement, imprisonment, expenses, loss, poverty, misery, phobia, staying abroad, final emancipation, left eye and let leg. The 12th house shows final emancipation from the chain of births and deaths and his merger with the divine and the future state of his existence.

The 12th house deals with loss and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses and loss. Whether such expenses will be pleasant and expected or unpleasant and unexpected will depend upon this twelfth house and transits and planetary periods in operation.

It governs all types of purchases, investments, donations, charity and association with philanthropic institutions. Sorrow, sins, obstacles and impediments in one's way, misery and misfortune, poverty and persecution, intrigue and imprisonment, phobia, secret toil of mind, inferiority complex, anxiety, suspicion, silent suffering, self-undoing, secret working of the mind, secret enemies, plots and schemes, conspiracy, cunningness, envy, malice, fraud, treachery, and deception all come under the influence of the 12th house. This is also the house of the self-sacrifice and shows unselfish deeds.

The 1st House in Astrology

This house refers to the twelfth sign of zodiac, the Pisces or the Meen or Meena. The natural significator of the twelfth house is the planet. The parts of the body ruled by the twelfth house are the feet. As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the twelfth house signifies prisons, hospitals, asylums, reformatories, charitable institutions, criminals, spies, secret forces and secret enemies. It governs all the matters signified by the ministry of planning. Toggle navigation. First House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. First House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope.

Sun in First House. Moon in First House. Mercury in First House. Venus in First House. Mars in First House. Jupiter in First House. Saturn in First House. Uranus in First House. Neptune in First House. Pluto in First House. Rahu in First House. Ketu in First House.

For result of planets in First House click the links above. Second House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. Second House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Sun in Second House. Moon in Second House. Mercury in Second House. Venus in Second House.

1st House in Astrology - Meaning Explained

Mars in Second House. Jupiter in Second House. Saturn in Second House. Uranus in Second House. Neptune in Second House. Pluto in Second House. Rahu in Second House. Ketu in Second House. For result of planets in Second House click the links above. Third House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. Third House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Sun in Third House. Moon in Third House. Mercury in Third House. Venus in Third House. Mars in Third House. Jupiter in Third House. Saturn in Third House. Uranus in Third House. Neptune in Third House.

Pluto in Third House. Rahu in Third House. Ketu in Third House. For result of planets in Third House click the links above. Fourth House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. Fourth House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Sun in Fourth House. Moon in Fourth House. Mercury in Fourth House. Venus in Fourth House.

Mars in Fourth House. Jupiter in Fourth House. Saturn in Fourth House.

Empty Astrological Houses and Their Practical Significance

Uranus in Fourth House. Neptune in Fourth House. Pluto in Fourth House. Rahu in Fourth House. Ketu in Fourth House. For result of planets in Fourth House click the links above. Fifth House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. Fifth House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Sun in Fifth House. Moon in Fifth House. Mercury in Fifth House. Venus in Fifth House. Mars in Fifth House. Jupiter in Fifth House. Saturn in Fifth House. Uranus in Fifth House. Neptune in Fifth House. Pluto in Fifth House. Rahu in Fifth House. Ketu in Fifth House. For result of planets in Fifth House click the links above.

Sixth House as per Western Astrology Horoscope. Sixth House as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope. Sun in Sixth House. Moon in Sixth House. Mercury in Sixth House. Venus in Sixth House. Mars in Sixth House. Jupiter in Sixth House. Saturn in Sixth House. Uranus in Sixth House. Neptune in Sixth House. Pluto in Sixth House. You have a great capacity for enjoyment, you can be the life and soul of the party if you choose and you may decide to focus on that rather than your career at certain points in life.

One thing is certain - you can't have both so it's a case of finding a balance between the two. Pluto in the 7th?

The First House - Astrological Houses

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