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Because of this, Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility, although strong, often never makes it as far as marriage. This couple could hardly be jealous of one another if they tried, because they both understand how much freedom means — but this can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, they will never be weighed down by jealousy issues; on the other hand, both are quite likely to stray.

Of all the zodiac matches, this one is the most likely to settle for an open relationship, with both partners free to enjoy sex elsewhere. Apart from the lack of commitment, a thorny issue for this couple is intellectual superiority. Sagittarius is a truth seeker, and a truth spreader.

The Adventurer finds new knowledge on his or her travels, and seeks to spread it far and wide. Great — except where the couple disagree on a fundamental issue such as religion, parenting, morals or extended family. Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility does at least benefit from the fact that Sagittarius is a mutable sign , however.

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Overall, here there is excellent compatibility. Sagittarius is exciting, dynamic and fearless, and so is this relationship. In an ideal world, these two would travel widely, sowing their wild oats as they go, free from the constraints the rest of the world wants to put upon them.

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Under such circumstances, the two Adventurers make an unbeatable team and will exude happiness in their relationship. Making this wide-ranging, free flowing relationship work while also seeing the kids off to school, making a living and taking out the trash could be more challenging. Being caught up in the mundane realities of life is the most likely death knell for this partnership, as sadly they both really need a more domestic, less freedom loving partner to take care of the details.

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